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What Is My Lucky Number ???

I feel jealous when I see everyone has a lucky Number And I don't have my Own ?? ... Believe Me .. Sometimes it helps .. if you play Estimation or any other game and you have no clew what is the number you should play, You'll find yourself choose the number you love, and prays that he loves you back and don't let you down .. In the past I always go with the even numbers , I love the even number , I hated when I was in school and taking a division lesson and I found a stupid odd number cant be divided on two so I have to add a fraction, or when I grow older and in an algebra class and trying to divide both sides on two to find out what is X or Y is and I found another odd Number, ..... yeah of course its not the end of the world I can try to divide on 3 or 5 or what ever But divide on 2 is much easier and more organized .

Anyway I used to love the even Numbers , but can my lucky number be 2,4,6,8,10 ..... etc. , No I cant make all the even Numbers my lucky numbers , So I have to decide what is my Lucky Number . So here is the paper and the pen . I will write some facts - Right Now- about my self and try to figure out my lucky number .

First of all the day I was Born , unfortunetly the day and the month of my birth day is two digits, I was born in the 14th of December , 14 and 12 ?? I need a standing Number , a one digit number , so lets start from the beginning and write my birthday and try to figure out what is my lucky number , So I was Born in 14 - 12 - 1985 , here are six digits one of them is my luck number .

1,2,4,5,8,9 six numbers , I had seen on TV people adding and divide the numbers of the birthday to find the lucky number, I dont like this idea , I'll find out my own Idea to find out my own lucky number .. So I think that my birth date carried six different digits out of the ten digits, So I think that my lucky Number should complete them, To have all the numbers with me, So the missing Numbers is 0,3,6,7 ... So my Lucky Numbers is one of those . Now I'll try to cut off the extras to find out what's my lucky Number ... but wait a minute ... I can add the Time I was Born to my date of Birth , May be it cut one of those 4 numbers , BINGO ... I just asked my Mom -I swear to god - , I was Born at 06:00 am, 6 o'clock in the morning , Yeah I didn't miss a lot of time in my first day on earth , So After Cutting the 6 I have those three Numbers 0,3,7 .

Okay I'll check my birthday in the Islamic year , Actually I didn't even thought about finding out my Islamic birthday, So I used a website to enter the Georgian date to convert it to Hijri date, So my Hijri Birthday is 2 Raby' Al-Thany 1406 , which is In Numbers 2 - 4 - 1406 , and yeah of course 6 o'clock in the Morning . So the 6 I Cut already from the 4 Numbers (0,3,6,7) by adding the Time I was Born now Its Officially Cut from the list because its in my Islamic birthday , So the three Numbers I Should search in them still 0,3,7 .

Okay I'll Check my phone Number, may be I'll find a sign if I am walking in the right direction of knowing my lucky number or not , and yea I am on the right direction Because I found the sign, the 0,3 and 7 are in my Cell phone Number which is 012-5(307)*** and they are standing together , I feel them like yelling at me " here we are !!" " here we are !! ", Huh this aint gonna help , 2 of you will be Cut at the end of this Post , So the three friends 307 Still together , but I have to find out how can I make one of them special more than the others.

Okay, My Mom n Dad is the reason that I am Here , So lets try to find out what is the meeting points between their Numbers and my three Numbers , My Mom Delivered me to the world when She was (30) .. Thats a good start , my father was Born in July (7) , and he graduated from the Military Academy 37 Years ago in 1973 , and when I was Born he was 33 years old , The Father's Day is the 3rd Sunday in June & The Mother's day is 21st of March(3) , and yes 21/3equals 7, the fathers day in the year I was Born (1985) Was June 13th, My father was Born in30 st. Building Number 77, and He have 7 Brothers and Sisters , My Mom and her Siblings is 7 , she has 3 siblings from her Mother and 3 from her father, Our Old Flat we lived in was at the first floor Flat Number 3 , Now we are Living in the 7th Floor Flat Number 13 , Even My Fucking Mobile Phone is Nokia N73 *, Oh Shit ... I swear to god I am brain storming myself now , Ohh here again !! this is Serious !! I Signed my First Work Contract at 3rd of March(3) , I got a phone call that I am Accepted in my Current work at 27 - 07 and when I went there they gave me a temporary access card for trainees , the card number was 37, Okay I 'll keep Storming My Brain I think I'll Find another 3s and 7s , YES !! I graduated from Faculty of Commerce , It Took me 7 years after I Failed in 3 , Now I Just Checked My ID and Damn the last two Digits is 73, So how Ever I red my 14 digits ID Number to anyone the last word I'll Say is - and seventy three - , 23rd of July (7) The revolution in Egypt, 1973 Egypt Won the War, 1979 Egypt Got all its land back , So me, my Parents & my Country are Drawn in the 7s and 3s With Zero Doubt .

Its One of Those Number 3 0 7 , I decide to But them in this Order 307 because how they are in my phone Number 0125-(307)*** , What the hell ??? Why Do I put those asterisk ?? Here is my Number Ladies 012-5307789 , Dont Forget to add the 3 digits Egypt's Code, Then The 3digits area Code 012, Then The 7 digits Number, Okay Now I am So serious with This Shit , I put this (307) in Google and I found out peugeot 307 , After along time I didn't Find any Sign or Interesting thing with this Number ,So as I took This Numbers Out of the Calender or actually my birth date Now I'll Throw them back To Calender, The First thing I mentioned People Born in 1933 is now 77 years old & people Born in 1977 is Now 33 Years Old,People born in 1937 is Now 73 years, People Born in 1973 is Now 37 years , lets try to separate those numbers lets start with 3-07, which means march 2007 , So I wrote march 07 in Google and I searched on Image , Damn here is a sign from God , A LUNAR ECLIPSE , On march 3rd 07 , So here is the3s and 7s Again , In a ( six digits date with just 3 digits a 0 a 3 and a 7) .. 03-03-07 a total Lunar Eclipse and this Event repeated every 19 years , Yeah Its a Damn Real Sign . So thats What I got from the first separate to the 307 Into 3-07 , So Lets try To separate them to 30-7 , So I put 30 July In Google and Here Is Another Sign, There is a track on the first search page under the title of 30 of July to a Band Called Coffin Break , ..... Coffin Break !?!?!? Is That Means wake up from Death Or What ?? So this a good thing or Not ? Should I be Optimistic ??? May be it Means Wake up from death or a tractor ran over my Coffin and Smashed my Body , I'll Go with the first , I am Not Living in a Cheap Karate Movie To be Smashed Dead By a Tractor in my Coffin , So It's wake Up From Death .. Okay 30 of July is Much easier than March 07 to find a fact Happened , On march 07 in Wikipedia I can Stay for Days to read , but 30 of July Is Much easier to check is there a sign Happened , it's more specific ............................... , So at July 30th The First Disney Cartoon With "Colors On it" in 1932 , The First Lunar Rover on To "Land On Moon" 1971, The 730 (Transport) ... The Last City in Japan to " Back to Basics " Before WWII & Change its Traffic on the Right-hand side of the road to the left-hand Side in 1978 , The last Old Style Volkswagen Beetles -Best Selling car in History- rolls off the assembly line in 2003, In 1930 the final of the first world cup which is by now the most Important event in the world for the most lovable sport on earth, In 2006 Top of the Pops - The Longest Running Music Show - Broadcasting for the last time , In 1751 Motzart were Born - Greatness - , 1947 Arnold schwarzenegger were Born -Strength -, 1970 Chritopher Nolan were Born - Genuis -, & in 1974 Hilary Swank were Born -Talent- , I even searched in my own memories , notes , phone msgs , and everywhere else and I found that at this date a very special events and beautiful memories happened , it was supposed to be a date to celebrate every year , and it was a date from Zeros Threes & Sevens .

So the (3 , 0 , 7) , one of them is my lucky number , and I have no clue how should I choose one of them ! , but wait a minute !! the lucky number should be a one digit not two , In that case I have to kick the Zero out ... It cant be my lucky number !! So it should be (3 or 7) , now I am Thinking ***** , okay I have an Idea ... I wrote the three numbers in Bold font , So now I think I'll go back - Scroll up - and count how many 3 in the post and how many 7 , every single one of them including the last two ones ... the number who was lucky enough to be repeated more than the other will be my lucky number and thats it ... I'll be back in a minute ..

So the Number of 3s = 71 + 7 (march s)= 78
and The Number of 7s = 65 + 8 ( July s)= 73

Okay Congratulations Number 3 , now you are officially my lucky number , that was close , with 78 points the number three won , after that came in the second place number 7 withh 73 points .
OOHH MY GOD 73 Points ??? Its 73 ?? Yeah yeah ? the two lucky numbers standing beside eachother ? the two numbers creating my facts, Id , Phone number , work and memories ! , they are the some of the sevens ? So I was Counting the 3s and 7s in the Post to Find my lucky number and I found the two in One which is SEVEN !!!

Ladies & Gentlemen Introduce to you My Lucky Number ... No. 7

Did I mentioned that my Name "Mohamed" is a 7 letters word ?and my Father's Name as well ?

- Mohamed Mostafa Malek ...

* this Post was written 6 may 2010 , Edited and Published 11 December 2010 .

* the day I throw away my old Phone Nokia N73 & Exchange it with BB I was thinking About the number (73) I throw away with it, because as you see the 3 and 7 are two special numbers for me as I found out recently , in the same day in my new job I got a temporary trainee access card with the number (37) !! .

That's what I just noticed - 23Dec.

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e! said...

thought you gonna say 4...i have that weird habit of adding numbers to end up with one prime number, and ur birthday adde up 4
But good luck with ur newly picked numbers i am more into odd numbers than even numbers